Hiring A Remote Software Developer In 2022

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Creating a great team of professional talents is the most important component of a tech-based company. Be it a startup or a well-established company, all it needs is a group of talented developers who will deliver their best efforts and let you stay ahead of the competition.

Remote team members have been creating successful software products for many decades now. However, thanks in part to Covid-19 and the pandemic, this trend is advancing rapidly. Yet, hiring the perfect remote team can be a big stress for many techs & product corporations who have never hired a remote developer before and found it difficult to cope with this recent normal.

Who is a  remote software developer

A remote software developer performs similar functions as an everyday software developer.  They create software that allows users to operate specific tasks on computers and mobile devices.

The only major difference is that remote software developers are fixed in a different physical location which is most likely not owned or leased by the company they work for.

The direction digital space competition is increasing at a skyrocketing speed, it becomes important for CTOs & organizations to think out of the norm and look for developers from all around the world.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developer job vacancies are expected to rise by 17% between 2014 and 2024

4 Factors To Consider While Hiring Remote software Developers
  1. Explain Your Development requirements: Before hiring your remote team, you must recognize your expansion requirement. This will help you to know what kind of resources you need. You can either hire a fully committed remote team or choose to hire a remote freelancer depending on your business necessity. 
  2. Extensive Remote Developer Screening Exercise: People often think hiring a remote developer is very easy but not as easy as we think. You must understand the competence and commitment of a remote developer. Testing a remote developer with screening exercises with extensive interview sessions will help you analyze a developer’s abilities.
  1. Simplified Communication Channel: One of the greatest challenges during remote development is communication. With various time zones, different work schedules, and language barriers, working together on a project can be a tough one for you. This can cause communication problems if not addressed properly.
  1. Look for Outstanding Skills: Hiring is quite a challenging task. When hiring, remote employees most times rely on basic skills and forget other skills which can make the job perfect. 
Some skills to look out for are:

You can filter out the candidates by checking their communication skills, powerful collaboration skills, organization skills, technical skills, and time management skills. With the above skills, they can prove their true capacity and capabilities. 

 Places To Hire  Remote Software Developers in 2022

Hiring remote software developers is not as simple as we think. Most times when you find the perfect remote team, the road there is pretty uncertain. All you need to have is a clear roadmap illustrating your job necessities.

There are places you can sort for remote software developers and teams with proven track records.

1: Talent Managers


Your number 1 go-to platform for talents in 2022, can be said to be one of the most trusted and reliable places you can sort for software developers. Borderless works closely with businesses and talents in ensuring a meaningful experience as well as enabling the business to build and own their software team from their global pool of pre-vetted remote senior software engineers.

To ensure a meaningful match, Borderless uses a combination of machine learning and human effort in giving a 360-degree assessment of candidates cutting across technical competence, cultural fit, behavioural fit for individual job roles, communication level and leadership. Rather than spend weeks to months searching for the technical right fit, Borderless makes it easy with about as much time it takes to have a cup of coffee. 


Turing.com helps you make your remote hiring journey easy and rewarding for both companies and developers.

They are a data-science-driven genuine jobs platform helping companies spin up their engineering teams in the cloud at the push of a button. With their help, you can connect with world-class remote software engineers with world-class companies. 

2: Freelance Job Portals

Here are various freelance job portals that can assist you/your business in finding the right remote candidate for your organization. 


This is one of the largest world-renowned resource business organizations that help connect remote talents to companies that hire skilled individuals on demand. You can hire their remote workers from there from anywhere in the world.


It’s said that only 3 percent of candidates pass their job interview, which signifies that they only take the best and deliver the best.

Toptal is a special global network of design, business, and technology experts. It is a system of freelance software developers, designers, and project managers. You won’t get disappointed by hiring your remote team from them.


Another popular one you might look into is called Freelancer.com  It is the world’s biggest freelancing website. 

It allows you to post your projects and instantly you will start receiving proposals from remote software developers around the globe. You can also search through the remote talent accessible on the site.


Just as the name implies, it focuses on how fast and easy you can to hire a remote developer while covering all legal requirements, about employee ownership and protection. Here you have the choice of either browsing developer profiles or posting a job and looking forward to applications.

Moreover, you can filter out the aspirant based on various factors, including skill level, project duration, the payment model, and the position’s description.

Benefits of hiring a remote software developer

Still, being suspicious about hiring remote developers, and skeptical if you are making the right choice or not for your team? Let me show the benefits you get for hiring remote software developers.

  1. They are more productive and motivated

Remote software developers are more productive when working from home than at work. It’s proven that working from home makes a person energetic and active as they can supervise many things at the same time and they are more relaxed. 

  1. Cut off unnecessary expenses

 The company doesn’t need to spend on the worker’s visa because they work from home, travel and other expenses are not included in their contracts. They can work from anywhere or any part of the globe, no need to spend on their visa.

  1. It gives you lower employment costs: 

When employing a full-time employee instead of a remote developer you need to take into account their salary and legally basic services (Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance,  insurance (medical, dental, and life), PTO, retirement, bonuses, overtime, employment training tax etc. These costs can be very expensive. But with remote staff. You might not need to pay for all these services other than their basic salary.

  1. Remote work as the future

The future of work is remote and that means you don’t need to relocate to a tech center to run a successful business. With an increasingly remote crew, you should be establishing these systems now to remain competitive in the future. Don’t be the company that becomes obsolete because you are unable to draw the right skill to get the job done.

  1. It builds communication and connection

Whenever a  remote developer is hired by the company, that connection links the company with the developer. 

Communication and collaboration with different people or websites for the searching of remote workers give more visibility to the name of the company.

This helps the company to build its brand name and identity.

Ready to hire a remote software developer?

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