13 Key Tools in Managing Remote Developers

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Being a remote developer isn’t an easy task and requires different efforts that can make the skills work to become successful. Such as, building a relationship with your colleagues is important in maintaining and growing your career. 

Being able to communicate effectively and fixing differences quickly is necessary, particularly when you wish to hire remote developers. 

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Working remotely is one of the growing trends in the world today which most project managers and top organizations have taken advantage of to set up the path for their team’s success.

Here are the various reasons why working remotely is growing in trend.

  • It helps reduce stress
  • It gives you the satisfaction of being at home
  • It helps you set your working plan
  • It gives you a chance to travel more and work from anywhere. 
  • It increases productivity and your personal life. 

There are many advantages of getting remote developers into your company but you will have to explore the best strategies for remote team management.

Let’s take a look at the remote team tools that will facilitate the method to manage remote developers keeping them effective and growing professionally. 

Remote work tools can increase your productivity because they aid you to move fast without risking quality. To help you use the best tools for great teamwork effortlessly we divided these tools into categories which are:

   . Communication

   . Programming 

   . Projects and Tasks Management 

   . Notes

   . Designing

   . File Sharing

   . Screen Sharing


  1. Zoom for live video calls

With  Zoom, you can stay connected with your remote team developers through video, voice calls and instant messaging. Organizations commonly use Zoom for video meetings so participants can work together on projects. Zoom can be very effective for online training, events, webinars, file sharing and messaging, this aids with remote collaboration. Moreover, many of the world’s largest corporations use Zoom so remote employees can cooperate.

With Zoom, you can get a useful solution if you need a video conferencing app that works unfailingly for your remote developers. This will help build a great team and manage your remote developers.

  1. Slack for real-time chat

Regarded as one of the best cloud-based collaboration tools whose essence is for messaging services but can give you much more than that. With Slack, users can share files, create motivational and project-based channels, and keep in contact with their colleagues across the world in real-time. Slack also gives access to new teammates to look into conversations that occurred before they joined.

       Slack is free with a particular functionality for small teams, but you can decide to move to paid options with advanced features as you expand. Slack enables managing remote developers easier, faster and more convenient, since everyone communicates in one place, and it is easily available for Android and IOS  users. With Slack, you can enjoy a good working time with your developers. 


  1. GitHub

This is the world’s go-to software development platform and one of the most perfect and useful remote work tools for any software developer. GitHub assists development teams work together on their software projects from the start to finish.

With GitHub, it is simple to review code, automate your workflow, propose changes and more. It also combines with various other remote work tools, like Slack, Azure Pipelines, Jira, and others.

  1. Jira

Most remote developers will be familiar with an app called Jira, an issue-tracking tool developed by Atlassian.  For tracking bugs in your codebase and for agile project management, Jira gives you the best as a remote developer. With this, your teams can manage stakeholders, budgets, and feature requirements from day one.

           Jira is also used for requirements & test case management, project management teams, software development teams and tasks management.

Jira helps to combine various  CI/CD tools to enable transparency during the software development life cycle. When the time to deploy is ready, live production code status information is surfaced in the Jira issue. 


  1. Trello

Trello works best for project management and collaboration tools that you can work on collaboratively. Trello’s popularity mainly comes from its simplicity and uniqueness.

Trello is very easy to use – most people can understand the basics of Trello in minutes and can enjoy using it alone or as part of a team within a day. Each board consists of a list of cards, and each card can contain rich information: file attachments, due dates, checklists, links, images, etc. 

 It also contains notes, which allow team members to track progress, and It’s flexible and works especially well for scheduling in blog content or for developer teams who work in competitions. 

  1. Todoist

This is one of the tools that help you get the tasks out of your head into a to-do app. It enables one to get things done easily.  Todoist is a great app to quickly enter new tasks, organize them properly, and start taking them off one by one. It is flexible to most developers and it helps in workflows.

Todoist allows you to organize tasks with recurring due dates, tag them with team members, prioritize them, and create a new task. 


  1. Evernote

Founded in the year 2,000 as marketing software, Evernote is now by far the best-known note-taking app you get across the globe. This app comes with beautiful attributes, such as the capacity to clip anything from the Internet into a note, the ability to browse the text in handwritten photos and images and to identify handwritten languages.


  1. Canva

Canva is a graphic design app that allows you to create images easily and perfectly.  The platform allows you to create social media graphics, presentations, blog post images, posters, documents or other kinds of visual content.

Canva has different types of free templates and graphics to create the image you desire. They also offer paid subscriptions for Canva Pro if you want a more exquisite design. 

  1.  Adobe Photoshop

Adobe’s famous product Photoshop was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll and is majorly great when it comes to designing, raster graphics editing, creating and editing images. It can be a little complex when starting but there are plenty of free video tutorials on YouTube to learn from.

File Sharing 

  1. DropBox

This is Cloud-based file sharing, including photos, videos, documents and presentations. It is one of the oldest and most famous cloud storage in use today. It works with different multiple devices with a drag and drops ease. It lets you save files online and you can drag and drop them to your devices. 

 The basic dropbox is free up to a certain storage limit. While other versions of  Dropbox come with separate pricing. 

  1. Google Drive

This is one of the most popular  Cloud-based file storage services. It helps you create and share files including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and drawings with real-time editing and collaboration.

Screen Sharing

  1. TeamViewer 

This is a  remote connectivity cloud platform that enables secure remote access to any device, from anywhere in the globe. It allows you to share your screen with the people who need to see it most. Most times, you can’t know who is on every screen at all times. 

TeamViewer enables you to view the activity of everyone on your team at any given task without going back and forth. It’s also super easy to combine with other apps, so you no longer have to switch back and forth between apps when dealing with team building or project coordination.

It allows each employee on a team to share data about themselves, their projects and any related materials.

  1. POP

It enables reviewing designs with stakeholders or clients very easily without sending files back and forth. 

       It is not just a screen-sharing app but a collaborative app to help work virtually. POP lets you screen share any application with people around the globe. It’s awesome, simple and extremely fast. Everyone can get their mouse pointer, and you both can be in control. It’s developed for collaboration, not just for your screen. Want to collaborate effectively with your developers, screen hero helps you collaborate magically. 

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One thing that’s amazing is that these tools enable remote developers to work as though they are physically there with the rest of the team, connecting, engaging and directing effortlessly using the right tools to maximize collaboration.

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